Class of 2017

We are looking forward to celebrating our Pre-K/K graduating class of 2017 from 5:30-6:30 this evening. Parents, please make sure your kids are at the school no later than 5p.m. so we have enough time to get them in their cap and gowns. Refreshments will be provided at the end of the hour. Congrats grads!!! “Kid, you’ll move mountains.” —Dr. Seuss

Emotional development through Montessori

Check out the third and final blog on how Montessori benefits little minds emotionally. This concludes our three week segment on Montessori philosophy with Collin County Moms Blog. Exploring Montessori: Emotional Development {Series Part 3}

Montessori Education on Collin County Moms Blog

Check out part 2 of the three part series on Montessori on Collin County Moms Blog. This week we take a look at the five core areas of Montessori learning, how the areas are related to each other and how they help in a child’s overall development. Exploring Montessori: Hands on Learning {Series Part 2}

GMS Kinder Round-Up Soon!

Greenville Montessori School will be having Kindergarten round-up on 3/23. Two sessions to pick from – 4-5pm or 5:30-6:30pm. Ms. Jay and Ms. Krishna will be hosting them. This is a great opportunity to get to know the different between Montessori vs. ISD Kinder curriculum. Looking forward to it!

GMS Partners With Collin County Moms Blog

We have partnered with local blog site Collin County Moms Blog to educate & inform parents out there about Montessori philosophy. This is part of a three week segment. Check out Part 1  which went live this week- Exploring Montessori: Debunking the Common Myths {Series Part 1}

March Teacher of the Month

Join us in congratulating Ms. Michelle from the infants room for being voted Teacher of the Month for March! She was voted by her peers for her over-whelming positive and warm attitude. She is always willing to step up and help out wherever she is needed. She is great with our littlest ones!!

GMS partners with Recyclement

We are so proud to announce our partnership with a local company named Recyclement, which provide consumers with convenient, accessible and environment friendly ways to get rid of their unwanted textiles. In the school parking lot you will find their donations box. You may donate gently used clothes, shoes and even toys.    

Getting to the root of the matter

One good way to find out what people are thinking about on a subject, is to have a dialogue with them and allow their ideas to be expressed without bias or argument. There has always been 2 sides to the coin, when it comes to the Montessori school system. Talking to a group of parents, I found out that one group seems to feel

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Peace Table in Montessori

During the 1930s as war clouds were developing over Europe, Maria Montessori was overcome with the question of peace. She said, “Establishing a lasting peace is the work of education; all politics can do is keep us out of war.” The word ‘peace’ implies social reform. It requires a society that is ‘morally organized’ – Montessori believed that this ‘moral organization’ must begin early

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Why children love repetition?

Have you read a story to a child, only to be asked to repeat it again, then again? Or watched them play with a new toy…they seem to take delight in the pleasure of the experience by repeating it over and over again. After they have fulfilled this so-called “need” for repetition, they forget about the toy for days together. So what exactly urges

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